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With current visitor restrictions in place, Mercy Maternal Child is temporarily discontinuing tours.  However, you can tour virtually:   

Start your Maternal Child Unit tour here and see how easy it is to check-in.


Next meet Anna, Labor and Delivery Nurse. She will discuss testing rooms as well as what needs to happen to move you to a labor room. You can also see what the labor and delivery room, and whirlpool looks like! 


Labor and Delivery Rooms: Find out more about the Labor and Delivery rooms with Dr. GoodmanOB GYN Associates of Iowa City & Coralville, P.C., as she talks about transitioning from the test rooms to the labor and delivery room and our standard labor beds. Mercy's labor and delivery area provides Labor/Delivery/Recovery rooms (LDR) as well as one traditional cesarean delivery room. 


Dr. Goodman also discusses the different options of laboring.


In this next video, Stacy, Labor and Delivery Nurse and Maternal Child Clinic Coordinator, talks about what laboring options are available. 


Bonding:  Learn more about bonding with the child and NICU.  


Warmer bed and baby measurements occur after the mother is done bonding with the baby, as Stacy explains in this video.  


Waiting Room:  For more details about the waiting room and how to find Maternal Child Unit watch this video 


Pediatric HospitalistsWhenever a newborn arrives in Mercy’s maternity unit, an experienced pediatrician is close at hand. Pediatric hospitalists are pediatricians who work primarily in hospitals. At Mercy Iowa City Pediatric Hospitalists care for babies and children in the newborn nursery and in the pediatrics unit. These pediatricians work closely with a family’s regular pediatrician or other health care providers. Meet one of the Pediatric Hospitalists available 24/7, Dr. Stevens.   


Postpartum Rooms:  Virtually visit what a typical postpartum room looks like.   

Post-partum Suite

Birth Care Suite (LDR)