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Lifesteps Weight Management

Lifesteps is a 12-week weight management program offered twice each year. 

Lifesteps is taught by a registered dietitian and exercise physiologist. The program combines nutrition, physical activity, and group support. Weekly topics are as follows:

  • Week 1 Monitoring Food Intake: Learn how to keep a food and activity record
  • Week 2 Physical Activity: Make a plan for increasing their physical activity
  • Week 3 Guide to Daily Food Choices: Make a plan to get the recommended number of servings from the five food groups in the daily food guide pyramid
  • Week 4 Serving Sizes: Learn how to weigh and measure foods
  • Week 5 The Calorie Connection: Learn where calories fit in the weight management picture and learn how to cut calories
  • Week 6 Putting It All Together: Learn about changes you can make in eating and physical activity
  • Week 7 Eating Styles: Identify eating styles that lead to overeating
  • Week 8 Managing Lapses: Learn to deal with environment and social events
  • Week 9 Managing Lapses: Identify how feelings affect eating behavior
  • Week 10 Managing Lapses: Make a plan for eating out
  • Week 11 Staying Active: Develop a physical activity program
  • Week 12 Maintenance: Develop a plan for maintaining behavior changes
Class participants will have their weight, blood pressure and body mass index monitored. One-on-one appointments with a dietitian and exercise physiologist will be included as part of the program. The cost is $250.

Contact  Mercy On Call, 358-2767 or 1-800-358-2767, for more information.