Medical Services

Telehealth Medicine

Mercy Iowa City Primary and Specialty Care clinics are now offering Telehealth Medicine appointments. 

To schedule a Telehealth appointment:
  • Call your Mercy Iowa City clinic provider and they will determine if Telehealth is an option
  • They will give you a scheduled time to login and directions
  • You will be given an address to enter that identifies your provider
  • At the scheduled time you will login with your provider and can begin a conversation with them

Many patients have received communication about their existing appointments. If you have questions, call your provider before going to your appointment. They will share instructions with you. 

For a Telehealth appointment you will need:

  • A smartphone, tablet or a computer with a web camera
  • An email address where you can receive messages. In most cases, you will receive a link to click on to start your appointment.

In areas where internet speeds may be slower or residents do not have access, Wifi has been (or will soon be) being extended to clinic parking lots at  the Tipton, Muscatine, Kalona, Columbus Junction and Mercy Towncrest Internal Medicine (Iowa City) clinics, so patients can go to the clinic at a scheduled time. Staff will give them a mobile device to use for their Telehealth appointment. The devices are disinfected inbetween patients. and will be delivered to them in their cars.

To locate a Mercy Clinic, visit If you don't have a provider, contact Mercy On Call 24/7 at 319-358-2767.