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Advance Care Planning

To make an Advance Care Planning appointment, call 319-339-3556.

Download copy of Health Care Directive information and forms.

Health care is complicated, so are decisions regarding its use. 

  • What if you suddenly experienced a severe injury or illness that left you unable to express your wishes regarding your healthcare?
  • What if you have a chronic health condition (e.g. CHF, COPD) which is going to get worse through time?
  • What if you were diagnosed with cancer?
  • What are you thoughts about CPR?
  • Would your circle of support know what kind of medical treatment you would want or not want?

Honoring Your WishesSome people wish to take advantage of every possibility to extend life; others do not. This decision may come at a time when you are not able to express your wishes.

Here at Mercy Hospital we are a partner in the community-wide initiative called Honoring Your Wishes. We can help you talk about your long-term health care wishes and desires and create a written plan that documents them.

Advance care planning is a process for you to: 

  • Understand and discuss goals for future healthcare decisions in the context of your values and beliefs.
  • Produce or update a written plan (e.g., Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare/Living Will) that accurately represents your preferences and prepares others to make healthcare decisions consistent with these preferences. This is called an advance directive.

Adults ages 18 years and older are invited to schedule an appointment with a certified Advance Care Planning facilitator to discuss their long-term healthcare wishes. You may wish to involve family members, your clergy or close friends in the discussion.