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Mercy Lifeline is a personal emergency response system that offers simple, fast access to help 24 hours a day. Mercy Lifeline allows users to continue living in the comfort of their own home, while providing reassurance to family and friends.

How does Lifeline work?
The Lifeline subscriber wears a small personal help button on a neck chain or a wrist strap. In an emergency-a fall, a sudden illness, even the sight of a prowler-the user simply presses the help button. The button signals a communicator attached to the home telephone which sends a "help needed" message to the Response Center.

What happens next?

  • When the signal is received at the Response Center, a staff member will immediately try to speak to the Lifeline user, first through the unit and then by using the telephone. If there is no response or the telephone is busy, the staff member consults a list of "responders"-relatives, neighbors, or friends-whose names have been provided by the Lifeline user. One of the responders is immediately contacted and sent to the home to provide help. If no responder is available, the Response Center calls 911.
  • When the responder arrives, he or she contacts the Response Center to report the situation. If necessary, emergency medical assistance can be summoned. Every case is monitored until resolved.
  • Lifeline for a landline is available for $35 a month or $42 for Life Assist for homes with no landline; plus a one-time $20 activation fee. This includes equipment, maintenance, instruction in its use, and a 24-hour link to the Response Center.
  • AutoAlert is an added layer of protection. The Lifeline pendant with AutoAlert automatically places a call for help if it detects that the subscriber has fallen. If the Lifeline user is disoriented, immobilized or unconscious because of the fall, this feature is invaluable.
  • The HomeSafe Wireless system offers Lifeline protection when the subscriber’s home does not have a landline telephone.

Click here to print a copy of the Lifeline application.

For more information or to sign up for service, call Mercy's Lifeline Coordinator at 319-339-3649 or 1-800-242-1306, ext. 4656.

Feel free to visit Lifeline Systems, Inc., at