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Thursday, May 09, 2019 - Mercy staff recognized at awards program

A very special element of National Nurses Week is the ceremony honoring recipients of spring scholarships and other awards, all made possible through generous gifts to the Mercy Hospital Foundation.

During the May 8 ceremony in the atrium, the annual Ruth Becker Nursing Award for Outstanding Nursing Care was awarded to Ashley Fahrer, ECU. Sam and Ruth Becker initiated the award in 2001. Ruth, a retired nurse educator, wanted to recognize exceptional Mercy nurses who provide direct patient care. Other nominees for the award were Lee Ann Hufford and Jo Frasier, Telemetry; Julie Burzacot, Discharge Planning; and Heather Goetsch, ECU.

The Dr. T. T. Bozek Friend of Nursing Award was awarded to Diane Borseth, 5 Telemetry. This award was created by the family of Dr. T. T. Bozek, a member of the Mercy medical staff for more than 50 years and the Johnson County Medical Examiner for 33 years until his retirement in 2000. Other nominees included Katy Hummell, ECU; Courtney Harris, ICU; McKenna Cronbaugh, ECU; Nicole Sexton, 3 West Medical; Austin Potter, EVS; and Kim Cummings, EVS.

Pictured L to R: Kim Volk, Nursing Administration; Ashley Fahrer, ECU: Diane Borseth, Telemetry; Margaret N. Reese, Mercy
Hospital Foundation; and Steve Scheckel, MD, Administration