Advance Care Planning


Advance Care Planning is a process that helps:

  • Understand and discuss goals for future health care decisions in the context of your values and beliefs.
  • Produce or update a written plan (e.g., Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care/Living Will) that accurately represents your preferences and prepares others to make health care decisions consistent with these preferences. This is called an advance directive.

We are a partner in the community-wide initiative called Honoring Your Wishes. We can help you talk about your long-term health care wishes and desires and create a written plan that documents them.

To make an Advance Care Planning appointment call 319-339-3556.

Health care is complicated, so are the decisions regarding its use.

  • What if you suddenly experienced a severe injury or illness that left you unable to express your wishes regarding your healthcare?
  • What if you have a chronic health condition (e.g. CHF, COPD) which is going to get worse through time?
  • What if you were diagnosed with cancer?
  • What are you thoughts about CPR?
  • Would your circle of support know what kind of medical treatment you would want or not want?