Rehabilitation Services

A variety of rehab services, ranging from hospital stay, to in-home care, to outpatient rehab needs are available at through Progressive Rehabilitation Associates, LLC. 

Patients admitted to the hospital may receive physical therapy, occupational therapy, and/or speech therapy when ordered by their supervising doctor. Our therapists can be found assisting patients in every hospital unit: intensive care, neurology, orthopedics, general medical, hospice and psychiatry. These services are designed to help each individual reach his or her own highest level of function and to minimize the effects of disease. Our team works together with your doctor and discharge planner to make sure the safest discharge plan is in place once you leave the hospital.

All inpatient rehabilitation services are based on a thorough evaluation followed by an individualized care plan. 

Descriptions of each of our different services are found below: 

Physical Therapy
Using exercises and modalities to assist patients in their recover from injury or disease with an emphasis on general mobility and regaining strength needed to return home.

Occupational Therapy
Focuses on patient's ability to perform activities of daily living, including dressing, bathing, toileting, cooking and other household activities.

Speech Therapy
Addresses patient problems with communication or swallowing.

Following your hospital stay you may need to be evaluated and treated by a Home Health Therapy Specialist.