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Billing Information

Standard Charges

Pricing Transparency (shoppable services by payor)

To compare information about hospital charges, visit this website sponsored by the Iowa Hospital Association:

Pay my bill
You may receive separate statements from Mercy Iowa City for different types of services. Each individual billing office is responsible for answering your questions about its corresponding statement. Click here to pay online:

Mercy Hospital – Services received at hospital facility by facility staff Pay my bill



Mercy Professional Services – Mercy Hospital doctors, such as emergency doctors and/or hospitalists Pay my bill 



Mercy Physicians and Clinics – services performed at a Mercy Iowa City clinic by a family practice physician or specialist Pay my bill   


Mercy Outreach Lab – Lab tests drawn at Lab Outreach draw site or in your primary physician’s office  Pay my bill   319-688-7474

Furthermore, you may receive bills from non-Mercy physicians who provide services while you are a patient at Mercy Hospital. These additional bills may include charges for anesthesiology, radiology, pathology or surgical services.

COVID-19 Testing
During these unprecedented times, it is important for you to know the costs of COVID diagnostic testing. COVID-19 test cash price is $170 or $257, or if the patient qualifies for a discount price would be $119.00 or $179.90 depending on the type of test. The amount charged also is subject to adjustment if state law mandates pricing or the test is performed by a government agency.

Billing statements
You will receive a billing statement after any applicable insurance payments have been received and applied to your account(s). This statement will include total charges for services, total insurance payments and adjustments, and a remaining balance due. Monthly statements will be issued to keep you informed of the account balance and any payment you are expected to make. To receive an itemized statement, please call 319-339-3616 and select option '1'.

Financial Planning and Assistance
Our Patient Financial Services department is the home to Mercy Iowa City’s Financial Counseling team. A financial counselor is available to answer any questions you may have about insurance coverage, deductibles, co-insurance, and payment arrangements for your hospital services. A financial counselor can meet with you and prepare an estimate of the patient responsibility for your upcoming hospital services, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your financial obligations. The ability to address payment arrangements PRIOR to receiving hospital services can alleviate the stress of receiving large bills during your recovery.

To reach Patient Financial Services call 319-339-3616 or toll free 1-800-637-2942, ext. 3616, and request to speak with a financial counselor.

Self Pay or Uninsured Patients
If you are concerned about the financial aspects of receiving services at Mercy Hospital and have no insurance coverage, we offer a number of resources that can ease any financial burden. Mercy Hospital offers a Prompt Pay discount plan for Self Pay patients, as well as the services of an on-site Iowa Medicaid Advocate for those patients who are interested in being screened for Iowa Medicaid coverage.

Mercy Hospital has also partnered with ClearBalance®, which offers a wide range of extended payment plan options at 0% interest to our patients

Mercy Hospital does offer a Financial Assistance program, for qualified patients. However, to be considered for financial assistance, an uninsured patient must first be screened for Medicaid eligibility. Other criteria for financial assistance include household size and income; an application and income verification are required. Click here for more information:  Mercy Patient Financial Assistance.

Insured Patients
Mercy Hospital works with many insurance carriers. However, some insurance plans require you to go to a specific provider or network; others require pre-authorization for certain services. It is always a good idea to contact your insurance company regarding your insurance policy’s benefits.

Mercy Hospital will bill the primary and secondary insurance carriers and provide additional information as needed to process your hospital claim. Once the insurance carrier pays its portion of the bill, or if the carrier denies payment of the bill, the balance of the account becomes your responsibility..