Medical Services

Mercy Hospitalist Program

Mercy's hospitalist program provides comprehensive, in-house patient care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The hospitalist program offers many benefits to patients and their families:

  • The hospitalist is never more than a few minutes away, especially helpful in case of an emergency. They can follow up on medical tests quickly and adjust treatment regimens throughout the day.
  • By overseeing the care of hospital patients, hospitalists help primary care doctors be more available to their patients in the office setting.
  • Hospitalists are available to answer patient and family questions in person during stressful and critical moments.
  • Patients see their regular doctor after hospitalization for continued care.

Hospitalists are the fastest growing medical specialty in the United States. They specialize in hospital inpatient medicine, either as attending doctors or as consultants to other specialists.

The hospitalist program provides:

  • Comprehensive in-patient care, from admission to discharge, for patients with medical conditions, including acute care in the ICU setting.
  • Evaluation of patients that are being seen in your office and you feel need to be admitted.
  • Transfers from other service providers in Mercy's service area.
    Consultative services, i.e., pre-operative medical clearance for emergent cases, peri-operative medical management (diabetes, hypertension, etc.), specialty services medical management
  • Services provided to patients 18 years of age or older.

Your doctor may request the services of a Mercy hospitalist to care for you while you are in the hospital. Although he/she may entrust your care to a hospitalist, he/she remains available for consultation and is kept informed of your admission, discharge, and any change in you during your hospital stay.

After discharge from the hospital, you will be seen by your regular doctor.

For more information about our hospitalist program, please contact Jan Copeland, Program Coordinator at 319-688-7222 or via email